Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Berry Trifle

My first attempt at an English trifle. I was dissatisfied with most recipes I found out there on the web (and in the cookbooks I own) mainly because they all required far too much work. I figured, all thats involved is cake, a cream filling, whipped cream, and berries/fruit. Why are these recipes calling for elaborate concoctions requiring literally days worth of work? Please. So, I forged ahead on my own, making a simple vanilla pound cake, some mascarpone honey cream, whipped some cream, chopped some berries, assembled it and called it good. Turned out ok right?

I don't think a rustic (well as least in my opinion) dessert should require more effort than that. So make any cake you like, any filling you like (even just whipped cream), add some fruit and put a little more effort in to making it look pretty rather than slaving away making a bavarian cream or some such thing. The pound cake recipe cake be found here as well as the filling here. As it turns out, the pound cake was a little stiff for a trifle. Traditionally, the cake should really absorb the juices/cream and become really soft. Mine was more cake with cream and berries rather than a singular dish. So keep this in mind if you make it. Perhaps use a standard cake recipe that turns out softer than a pound cake. Such a great summer treat though. We enjoyed this in the sun, on a boat in Lake Washington. So pleasant.


Photos by Collin Monda